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Many people forget to clean their solar panels. But, to ensure that they remain in good condition, it’s important that you invest in professional cleaning when needed.
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The vast majority of solar panels in the UK are designed to be self-cleaning, however from time to time, they will still need cleaning.
If, for example, your solar panels are in a dry area, it’s not uncommon for a build-up of dust to occur. It is also recommended that solar panels in temperatures of less than 5 degrees are cleaned regularly.

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benefits of solar panel cleaning

Airborne dust particles, bird droppings, soot, and other debris can build up on your solar panels, causing a number of different issues, including shading which can prevent sunlight from reaching your cells.

This can result in loss of efficiency and, in turn, a loss of financial return. It may also affect your limited warranty and cause permanent module staining.
Ensures a maximum output
Optimises financial gain
Optimises system performance
Maintains your warranty
Extends the life of your investment
Prevents permanent module staining
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