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Our boat detailing service has been designed to optimise the lifespan of your boat, bringing it back to its originality.
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The longevity of a boat depends on how well it is maintained. Our boat detailing service has been designed to optimise the lifespan of your boat, ensuring that it looks the part for as long as possible.
All boats can succumb to the elements and everyday wear and tear such as grime, mud, salt, lime, and dust. Our boat detailing service will remove all of these substances, restoring your boat to its former glory.
We gel coat your boat back to its original condition by removing the oxidation caused by salt water or sunlight.

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the benefits of boat detailing

As well as maintaining or increasing the value of you boat, our boat detailing service offers a number of other benefits
Sun Protection
Boat detailing helps to reduce the impact of UV exposure which can often be responsible for damaging paint work and the exterior of the boat.
Reduces Drag
Boat detailing ensures that the surface of the boat is as smooth as possible which in turn, reduces drag in the water.
Removes Dirt and Other Debris
Another advantage of boat detailing is that it removes all dirt, sand, debris and grit, without damaging the boat.
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We provide a boat detailing service to remove the toughest dirt and grime.
We approach all of our jobs with the upmost care and attention, removing dirt, mould, rust, and any other contaminants. Trust us, your boat will look and feel like new.
Having worked in the boating industry for several years, our specialist team is familiar with the specialist care and attention that all boats need.
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